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Reinvent ourselves.

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Confiance et douteRecently, I was listening to the news on the radio, about the employment market. My country like probably others has to face with a lack of talents. Indeed, despite the fact that the unemployment level amounted around 12%, there are available jobs that can be filled due to a mismatching between the requested skills and competences, and the available talent on the market. Mismatching, but also lack of talents on the market. These last decades, the market and the related needs is changing faster, and the talents need to follow the same evolution. But this in theory, but practically, the gap remains.

The economical environment has a huge impact on the work market and on the career evolution.  It was not unusual to have people having the same position during a big part of their career, with an indexed salary each year.  And it was not impossible to see young people starting their career, earning a lower salary to do the same job.  Such situation today is not sustainable anymore for companies.  The competition is always harder and each invested penny has to provide a good return, not only in term of financial return, but also in term of quality, productivity and growth.

Does it mean that for seniors, the chances to find a job are low, because they are too old? I don’t believe so, but it is obvious that today, you cannot just do the same job all your life. There are always possibilities, and the acquired experience is an asset you have to use for future challenges. Such evolution implies an appropriate evolution in your career. Such evolution is an asset for companies and organizations, but is also positive for people.  This career evolution implies a permanent education, a permanent acquisition process of new competences and skills. The combination of new skills and your experience is a useful innovation tool, and innovation is an essential key to develop successful and sustainable organizations. Definitively, these are people who make the organizations.

The development of the organizations and the technologies create specific needs, niches of specific competences. To fill these needs, we need talent. Talent means people with specific and added value skills, but also with strong experiences.  Here is a major point, the specificity of what you can deliver to the organization. What will be your difference criteria, and what will be the factor making that people will work with you and not with another?  To be able to answer to that need, you need to see a matching between the needs and trends of the market, and your acquired skills, but also with complementary skills you could acquire.  For instance, people working in finance and accounting departments offers financial services, but combining this with strong IT skills, they can build powerful tools and deliver added valued solutions for the organization. This combination of skills will make you as unique.  The added value provided by such combination of skills is higher than the sum of each skill.

By growing your skills and capacities, you give you the chance to open new doors to new opportunities.  And each opportunity gives you the chance to learn new things, to live new experiences.  Such process is successful if it is initiated and driven by passion. Passion and talent will make that you will offer the best of yourself, and in the mean time you will convince people to contract your services, your talent.  By subscribing to such process, you will certainly meet success, but it will impact positively your wellness and self confidence. The feeling to be useful and to still have an active place in the society has a positive impact on your physical and psychological health.  All this things will make that you will fill yourself as a creative actor of the society and not to be a slave.

Do what you are passionate by, reinvent yourself each day. It’s good for you, it’s good for your future, it’s good for the community.


Written by Eric Saint-Guillain

July 26, 2013 at 07:29

The keys of a strong partnership

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The keys of a strong partnership

We are close from year end, and traditionally, it is the time to look to the perspective for next year. The financial crisis, we thought it was over, is still there, and it creates uncertainty for the coming months.

I was attending an event some days ago, organized by a recruiting partner. In his speech, the managing director was mentioning these uncertain times, and the necessity to build strong teams and partnerships in order to do business and maximize chances to get opportunities in such difficult environment. Indeed, when economical environment is bad and that the markets are decreasing, the struggle between competitors is more intense, and the customers have more power to dump the prices for acquired services. But is the price the only strong argument to choose a contractor or supplier for services? It is probably an important one on a short term basis, but if you want to maintain sustainable partnerships on a long term basis, there are other important keys on which you will get more return on investment. What are these keys?

  • Trust and accountability: Trust is essential between members of a partnership. Each people have to know that he can count to his partners to provide solutions to a problem or a challenge, and that he will contribute to the collective success.

  • Integrity: Integrity is linked to trust and is a major component of it. Integrity and honesty is a guarantee of a good reputation. Don’t forget that it takes a long time to build a strong and good reputation but only few minutes to destroy it. Lack of integrity can not have only negative consequences for the person who is lacking of integrity but for the whole team.

  • Quality of services: The customer is expecting a level of service for the paid price. To offer the lowest price is not the only argument to acquire business opportunities. The ratio Quality/price is much more important. Each service has a price. The customer can understand that, but on the other hand, try always to offer a little bit more than what the customer is expecting. You will first meet his expectations, and he will certainly contract again your services in the future.

  • Professionalism: Professional attitude is essential. If there is any problem that can block the success of a project, talk about it with the customer and try to find with him an appropriate solution. If you can not offer the needed service for a determined problem, try to find a solution or a contractor who has the competence to solve it. You can always playing, not only as a service provider but also as a solution provider. By looking for a solution for the customer, you will make it save a lot of time.

  • Network: Build a strong network of professionals. It is a good way to provide solutions to the customer I am referring in the previous point. The quality of collaboration you will have with these people will make that they can recommend you and contribute to build and let know your good reputation. By having such behavior, your partners will not forget you and will come back to you with some opportunities you can take.

  • Team spirit: Team spirit is essential. As contractor, you will need the collaboration of employee of your customer to achieve goals. Stay humble and share also with them the solutions you are suggesting. Each challenge offers a win-win situation which empowers collaboration and partnership.

 A strong partnership based on the values I mentioned above is essential in the business, and particularly during difficult times, when you have to make the difference with your competitors. Partnership and collaboration are better solutions than competition. Competition is only useful if it contributes to motivate people of a team each other, in order to provide a better quality of services. Building a strong partnership creates a mutual motivation between stakeholders, creates a win-win situation where we can learn from each other, acquire knowledge and contribute to provide high added-value services and solutions. This is an important point that customers have to keep in mind to build long term collaborations. When companies are facing recession times, they are decreasing costs, cutting contracts and decreasing personal costs. Such restructuring process means a loss of know-how and do-how. To rebuild such team and reach again the same level of quality en efficiency, takes long time and cost a lot of money. On the other hand, people having talents like challenges and interesting projects. They like also companies where they can work with talented and professional people. By having a long-term vision and opened to flexible solutions, they can build and maintain strong partnership and ensure a sustainable business.

Written by Eric Saint-Guillain

November 24, 2011 at 19:20

Low cost and quality service compatible ?

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Michael O'Leary, CEO of Ryanair

The Irish airways company Ryanair is the number one of low cost airways companies. This company knew a successful development thanks to her very attractive prices policy. But is this low price really a good deal ? Most of the time, people are only looking for the price level, what it is understandable if your budget is not extensible, but what about behind this ?

Most of the time, this airway company is operating on airports where airport taxes are lower, and often, these airport are far from the main cities. You have to take a train, or a taxi, it will take you time to join your final destination. Maybe sometime, it will be still shipper than if you take an ordinary airway company. Anyway ! But what about your luggages if they are lost ? Most of the time, in such companies, they have no insurances, and if your luggages are not found again, it is a pure loss for you, and in this case, your travel will be much more expensive.

But recently, this company announced her intention to make travel people standing up. When I heard about this, I was thinking it was a joke ! First of all, it is not comfortable at all, and second point, I am not sure it is very efficient in terms of security. What would happen if the flight is crossing an air pocket ? Most of the time, in such situation, you are asked to fast your seat belt. When will they attach also people to the wings ?

Few weeks ago, this company had also a brilliant idea. The CEO of the company, the fiery Michael O’Leary, was thinking to ask a fee (£1 which is a good return for the beneficiary) to use the toilets in the planes, and also to suppress some toilets in order to have only one toilet on board ! You will probably say that you have not to do a MBA to have such innovative ideas, but when you plan such innovations, I am wondering which consideration you still have for your customers. The company Boeing answered to that wonderful idea that they will not change anything in the installation of the planes for security reasons.

On ordinary flights, you ticket will probably more expensive, but just have a look on the counterpart you will have. You will have a meal, you will be sure that there are toilets on board and that you will not be asked to pay for it. And for your luggage, you will be sure that you will have an indemnity if they are lost. Your flight ticket is more expensive, because you have a service, and each service has a cost. It is understandable that airways companies are focusing on they margins as in each business, but they have to be customer oriented too. For me, for such low cost companies, they are not customer focused at all. They think they are, because they are arguing on the low price level, but what bout the service, the comfort and the security ?

A member of my family traveled in a low cost company airplane, and told me that a transport of pigs would have been more comfortable, and the price for a drink would be probably shipper in a luxurious hotel. The plane was not very clean too ! Personally, I am not confident to take such plane, where finally, the customer is only considered as a good to be transported, a company receiving some government aid, which means money from your pocket, a company who has not a lot of consideration for his manpower and the social legislation, which could present a danger in such activity. When a company is pushing such logic to the extremes, I am wondering what about the maintenance of the planes and the security.

We have to know that each good, each service has a cost. There is always a level under which you have to doubt about the quality of the service, the conditions included in such services. People who have to deliver the services need to be paid, and normally, a company can not make sales with losses. So, if a service seems to be competitive because a very low price, it is maybe because they is no good quality service or no services at all.

Personally, when I have to take a plane, for business or for holidays, I am always considering that my trip has to be done with good conditions, and my trip begins when I am closing the door of my office or from my home. The lower price is not for me an positive argument to take such option, to the detriment of the comfort and the security. Consider that your live and the respect you are entitled to have, has much more value than the price difference you would gain.

Written by Eric Saint-Guillain

May 2, 2010 at 16:44

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