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Perfection or excellence.

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Some of us, we try to reach perfection in our personal as our professional life. Each day, we are trying to make efforts, improvements to reach the perfection. But is perfection reachable, or should not we first define what is perfection?

Perfection is a statement where everything is perfect, up-to-date, where there are no defaults or weaknesses. Is such statement possible? Marc Buelens, Doctor in Industrial Psychology (Ghent University in Belgium) and professor at the Vlerick management school in Belgium said in an article in the Trends Magazine, that you cannot be perfect in each domain of your life at the same time. You cannot be a perfect father if you dedicated most of your time to your professional career. Does it mean that perfection is utopia?

Perfection has not to be seen as a reachable goal on itself, but as a trend we are following to do things. But is it always possible to do things on a perfect way? If it should be, we have to make choices. By wanting to do things on a perfect way, we have to dedicate the necessary time to do them perfectly. It is obvious that we cannot do everything at the same time. We need to set up priorities, which is a constant in our life. Everyday, we need to make choices, implying to take decisions.

But this is of course the ideal and theoretical situation. Everybody knows that things never happen as we wish. If, for instance, you have a job with high level of responsibilities, you are often facing the challenge to deal with different projects, tasks, and to deal with unexpected things. You can of course use the time management techniques to face these priorities and meet the deadlines, by setting priorities, by delegating. But if the available time is limited, will it be possible to reach a quality level closed to perfection?

The question remains how to define perfection. Does the perfection exist? Probably not, but by trying to improve what we are doing, our work, the education of our children, professional and personal achievements, we are trying to reach the excellence. Excellence could be seen as a process, a process of improvement, a process increasing the quality as good as we can. The fact that we have to deal with a range of priorities, will make that everything will not be perfect, as mention Marc Buelens, but if we have a look on what does not work properly and if we take the lesson of failure and weaknesses to improve the way to do things, then we are in a process of excellence. To learn from our mistakes, our failures, is an opportunity to anticipate, to find more appropriate solutions to reach our target on a better way.

Perfection is probably only not a goal, but a trend we can reach by excellence.


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Written by Eric Saint-Guillain

March 17, 2011 at 21:24

Passion and team spirit, the ingredients of successful projects.

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Solar Impulse, the fruit of passion and team work

Wednesday, april 7th, Solar Impulse, the first solar plane did his first flight. This plane took off from the military airport of Payenne in Switzerland. This plane, with a wingspan of an Airbus A340 (63,40 meter) and the weight of a car (1600 kilos) is propelled by four electrical engines, fed by around 12.000 photo-voltaic cells, charging lithium-polymer batteries. The plane flighted around two hours.

This event represents more than an evolution in the aerospace story, we could say that it is a revolution. Since a lot of time, the man was dreaming to fly, and it is in the year 1903 that the Wright brothers built the first glider. It was a revolution at that time to be able to make fly an aircraft. There were after a lot of steps and improvements, from transport planes to jets. Today, another step starts, with a plane using renewable energy sources.

This solar airplane represents a wonderful technological achievement. Bertrand Piccard, a swiss psychiatrist and entrepreneur, is at the origin of this project. He wanted to demonstrate that it is possible with the development of new technologies to minimize the usage of fossil energy. Solar Impulse is supposed to fly by using only solar energy. Following Bertrand Piccard, if we are able to develop this technology for an airplane, we can develop it also for other transport mode or applications.

This is a revolutionary technological achievement, but it is also an extraordinary human adventure. Bertrand Piccard and his team worked on this project during six years, on design, simulations and construction. The success of such project is only possible if two ingredients are there: passion and team spirit. To lead such project to the success is a question to gather competences and expertise, but also to gather people moved by passion. The first point is to believe in the project, to believe in such project because you have an entrepreneur mind. The entrepreneurs have always a project in advance, they are visionaries. For then, impossible is not a reality, and if there are doubts about that, they will try to see if it is really the case. In this case, we could add also an humanist dimension to this project. As said Bertrand Piccard, “With this project, we would like to send a message, to demonstrate that the renewable energies are not trivial, but they are a credible alternative contributing to the environment preservation and to economical development. During many years, ecology and economy were opposed. Today, the development of new ecological technologies presents a potential of economical growth and sustainable jobs.

During an interview after this inaugural flight, Bertrand Piccard was explaining that he had tears in one’s eyes, that he was so happy to see the fruits of his team work. We could imagine easily the satisfaction and the happiness to succeed such project. It is an evidence that such project has not been only moved by cerebral activity, but also by the hart. It is when things are coming from your hart, that you find the energy to build the different steps of your project. You are in a mood where you have not to convince yourself, because you are already convinced. You are maximizing your change to reach your goal, because you are focusing on it.

If you gather people having the same passion, who want to pursue a common goal, and who are aware that there is no personal success without team success, then you have the most important ingredients to realize your projects, to transform dreams in reality.

Written by Eric Saint-Guillain

April 14, 2010 at 20:46