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Take the time to save time.

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Remember that time lost cannot be regained.

You probably have to meet such situation where people are running after the train, in order to meet a deadline. Running after the train because they are working following a reacting mode instead of proactive mode. Often, they are taking shortcut and postponing some tasks or duties because they have no time, because they are running to meet the deadline. But the postponed task will have to be done one of these days, and the train they are trying to take will finally crash into the wall.

Why people are facing such situation? Why can they not reach the goal on time without having to speed and to take shortcuts? There are mainly two reasons to that. The first one is a lack of organization and lack of planning. One of the keys of time management is to plan tasks and to make the distinction between what is important and what is urgent. Most of the time, there is confusion between emergency and importance. You can have important things to do which are not urgent and urgent things to do which are not important. When important things have to be done urgently, it is probably because you did not plan them correctly. As consequence, you will not probably meet the deadline.

Another reason of missing the deadline is an inefficient way to work by lack of efficient tools. By building some tools, spreadsheet of databases, you can automate some tasks or processes and you will gain a lot of time by getting information or results on a faster way. But of course, you have first to build these tools. It means that you have first to invest time to build these tools, but you will spare a lot of time after. It implies to determine exactly the needs and purposes of these tools, but also to have a long-term view. By determining this and by implementing the appropriated solutions, you will have a double return on investment. You will gain more time than the invested time in the solution implementation, and you will have a gain of quality level. You will be able to gain time on processing tasks and dedicated to other more added value tasks.

Planning and appropriate tools are two key components of an efficient work. It is just a question to take the time of implementation in order to save time after.  Remember that time lost cannot be regained.


Written by Eric Saint-Guillain

May 11, 2011 at 21:49

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