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How to make our potential growing ?

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Marc Sluszny, a trader eager of adventure and extreme sports

Each of us, we dreamt to do extraordinary things but often, we are blocked by our beliefs, our fears. If we doubt sometimes about to start a project or to do something, it is because we are sometimes aware about our lack of experiences and we are measuring the risks to be taken to face a challenge and to reach a goal. Does it mean that it is impossible to reach our dreamt goals? The key of such question is how to grow our capabilities.

I was looking to a video about an interview of Marc Sluszny, a Belgian citizen living in Antwerp. Marc Sluszny is a trader, but also an eager fan of extremes sports and adventure. He already experimented sports like sky surfing, ocean racing, car racing, diving in middle of sharks. In the interview, he was asked what the motivation to do such extreme sports is and what his feeling is when he is making such performances. By doing such sports, Sluszny wants to demonstrate that if you have enough courage and motivation, you can do anything you want. Each time he is facing such challenge and succeeds it, he has a wellness feeling, and is trusting a bit more on himself. He is increasing also his capacity of self-control, explaining that he has always fears when he is facing a risky challenge, but he is learning to control his fear. Probably that each of us, we would not be able to face the same challenges, but the question is where are our limits, which challenge can we face, and how to push our limit further?

Let us have a look on our professional background. Most of us, we started our career by having junior function with basic responsibilities. By our daily experiences, we are learning and experimenting a lot of things, we are performing tasks and processes and gaining more control on it. We are expanding our knowledge, and going step by step to an assigned or personal goal. Each integrated concept or knowledge gave us the opportunity to move to more complex tasks, to more complex processes, to more complex responsibilities, to more ambitious challenges. Each limit we are passing, brings us a feeling of wellness, because we demonstrate to ourselves that we are able to do something, and because we discover a part of our hide talents.

Of course, we can never have a full guarantee to succeed a challenge. There is always a risk of failure. I would like here to underline the importance of the capacity to transform failures into wealth. We learn more often things from our mistakes and failure than from success. A failure is an important feedback, which will help us to understand processes and anticipate situations.

Are there unreachable goals? There are, probably, but it is obvious that each of us we have to create a dynamic. This dynamic is created by the fact we have always projects and goals in the pipeline, projects as a source of motivation for the project in progress. The project in progress is bringing us experiences and capabilities to realize the next one.

The most important thing is not to know how far we could go to face challenges, but to see that each day, we are further than yesterday, we have more control, more potential, we are more confident, that each day, our limits are moving.

Marc Sluszny website:

Interview of Marc Sluszny:


Written by Eric Saint-Guillain

August 25, 2010 at 19:49

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