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Goal or goals in your life ?

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Goals of your life

Recently, I was answering to a question of a member of the LinkedIn network, about goals. The question was “Do you have your goal in your life ?”. Interesting subject we could think about during all our life ! On the other side, I have to note that my blog seems to know a good success with an article I posted few months ago, named “Stay focused on your goal”, which seems to be very appreciated, by the number of visits this posting get everyday. These two things are bringing some motivation to me, and I would like to go further on this subject, starting by what I was evoking in my answer on LinkedIn.

To define a goal is not an easy exercise. As I was mentioning on my previous posting, we are sometimes more focused on the constraints, on blocking points linked to our goal, scaring us to go straight to the point. There is few points which seems to me fundamental and which could help us to go to our goals. When we talk about goal, it rings the project dimension. To have a goal means to have a project, and so, you are considering your life as a project. If you have a project, you are living, if not, you are just existing.

And what about your goal ?..or I would say ..your goals? “That goal which seems to be unreachable, is it for me ?” you are probably thinking. Well, before to finish something, it is sometime better to start it. If you want to build a house, you will first build the walls, then the roof, then the electricity, etc. Such project contains a range of steps. Before to want to reach your final goal, define first different steps and intermediary goals you want or you have to achieve, and measure the improvement you are doing on each of these steps. To talk about the present blog, I do not know if one day, I would be able to earn money by producing articles or editorials. But I defined several short terms goals, small challenges, like to produce an article once a week, to see an increase of visits on a monthly basis. By reaching such goals, by measuring improvements, you are bringing motivation to you, having a feeling of wellness when your goal is reached. You can see who you are and where you are.

By proceeding steps by steps, you will probably learn a lot of things, discover new things that will bring you new ideas, and probably that your final goal will be a bit different from the previous one. This show us that it is more easy to define a short term goal than a long term goal. Our actions are based on the experience of the past and on the anticipation of the future, but also leaded by some interactions with our environment. To give you another example in the writing area, you will probably think to write a book, which is a huge exercise and you are not sure to reach the goal, and some times later, you discover the blog sphere, and you write articles on a regular basis. Well, you probably do not reach yet your goal to write a book, but you reach another one which is to write first, and to develop a blog.

As conclusion, I would say that to have a goal means to have a project, a project which is a range of small projects. These small projects create a dynamic which is part of our self development and improvement process. And if the long term goals are not defined precisely, we can say that you define a trend of your life, and that with a self development dynamic, by wanting to move things forward, you will be further than today, you will have more control and more trust on you, and as consequences, you will probably come back to initial goals. But the goal you will probably reach by acting like this and which is the most important, is to enjoy your life.


Written by Eric Saint-Guillain

May 19, 2010 at 21:37

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