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The art to lose time

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Running after time

Most of the time, we are hearing people saying they have not enough time to do what they want or they have to do. I will not give here a training session of time management, but sometime, we have to think how are we using the “lost” time, because we are thinking always on the same way.

I am thinking about this, when it was snowing few times during this winter, as consequence that  traffic jams were still worse than usual. Every day, people are losing time in their cars in the traffic jams and during that lost time, what are they doing? Nothing! Only increase their stress and lost time.

A particularity in Belgium is that the percentage of company cars is important. Due to high tax level on salaries, companies are giving a company car to some employees as an alternative of salary increase. The consequence of this is that people are using this mode of transportation, because it is free of charges, even if they could take another mode of transportation which could take less time to go to the place you have to go. It is of course costless for the employee, and we could understand the reason he is acting in this way, but certainly not for the employer, for the reason explained before.

It is true also that sometimes, another mode of transportation could take more time than the car to go somewhere, but does it mean that you will lose more time? Not necessarily, but it depends how you will use it. Let me tell you an example. I have a former colleague who is IT consultant. This person has no drive license. It means that when he is visiting his customers, he is using the public transports. When he takes the train to go to a customer located at one hour from Brussels, he has the time to work in the train with his laptop, answering to mails, preparing some documentation, planning his agenda. He reads also books or documentations. By using the time of transportation in this way, he is performing tasks he will not have to do at home on the evening or losing time to do it when he is working for a customer. If you have to cover the same distance by car, you are only driving and not doing anything else. In fact it is a question to use our time on a more efficient way.

By thinking about this, each of us can find some tips to use our time on another way and to increase our quality of life. You will say that it is probably easier to say it than to do it. Of course, each change in our life needs to provide an effort and a period of adaptation. It is a matter of fact we are falling easily in the routine, and we are taking some comfortable habits, moving slowly to a kind of apathy and laziness. But we probably need also some motivation too to change our habits. It is well known that if you have enough time to do something, you will have trend to slow down the rhythm and take more time than needed. This motivation is a part of self motivation first, and also motivation coming from the others. If you want to have time to do sports, social activities, or to spend more time with your family, then you will use your time better, for example by doing some tasks in the train, and not at home. More fundamentally, our attitudes are guided by our ambitions, our goals, our projects, and the middle we are allowing to then.

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Written by Eric Saint-Guillain

February 17, 2010 at 19:02

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