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Time is ..precious.

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Time is precious.

In these difficult economical and social times, when hearing around me, a lot of people are losing they jobs. Other freelancers are waiting for new challenges and opportunities. We are used to say that time is money, but these times, it is not really the case.

Is it time only money? Time is running every day, and the lost time is unrecoverable.

When people unfortunately are losing a job, they have to consider that a chapter of their life is finished, and that they should think to write a new one. It is the time to think about what you have done, what are the experiences and the skills you acquired; the time to define new goals, new targets in function of what you want to do and the capabilities and skills you could value. These are things which for you have not enough time to think about during the rushing hours spent at the office, running after deadlines and issues to be solved quickly.

It is the time to find new ideas, new developments. We need to pay attention to our environment. We can only find inspiration by observing what is going on around us. By getting a look, by reading books, hearing to the news, chatting with friends and colleagues, navigating on the web, we can be informed about the changes around the world, about the new challenges. From one idea found by somebody else, we can find another one. It is the time to do such exercises, in order to open our mind.

Most of the time, we are operating as technician in our respective discipline, and we are missing a lot of things around us. We are missing a bit of creativity, getting bogged down in our daily routine. But as far as we can open new doors, we are offering new possibilities to ourselves; and we could maybe discover new talents, new interests.

Do not let us spend our time, but let us use it efficiently to maximize our chance and to do what we want to do, to realize our projects and dreams. This should be an ongoing process, needing efforts and perseverance on a long term basis. This is why time is so..precious.


Written by Eric Saint-Guillain

December 12, 2009 at 23:32

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