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Stay focused on your goal.

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Dont' miss your target !

Anybody is dreaming about something, a goal, a project; but sometimes, the dream stays a dream and do not become reality. Are we afraid to realize our dreams because they are too extraordinary for ordinary people? They are many reasons why dreams are staying dreams. It is first a question of temper. Some people are followers, others with strong personalities are leaders, actors of their own live, always moved by a project.

The only question of temper does not explain why we are scared to transform a dream to reality. We often put barriers on a subconscious way, between us and the goal we want to reach. We are afraid sometimes by the constraints which could abort our goal, our project. By doing this, we are in fact not focused on our goal, but on the constraints of our goal, and it is for sure we will miss the goal by acting like this. It is exactly the same when you are walking on the street on a Saturday, when everybody is shopping. If you are fixing the person walking front of you, it is for sure you will collide with other. If you are looking just near her, where you have to go, then you will escape the collision.

But is it enough to fix only your goal? No, of course. In order to cover the distance between the place you are and the place you want to be, it means your goal, you will have to develop a strategy. This strategy will include all the components you will have to deal with, the advantages and the constraints

Let assume you want to start a business of IT consultant. Your goal is to provide IT services you defined. In order to succeed in your project, you analyzed if there is a matching between the competences you want to offer and the market. Then you will have to make prospection in order to develop your commercial portfolio, to make some marketing, to develop a commercial pitch. Of course, it takes time to gain reputation and customers, and at the beginning, your turnover will not be sufficient to balance your financial results.

Here is another important point of your strategy: your business plan. A good business plan includes normally different scenarios, from the pessimistic to the optimistic one. The key question is what I really need as goods and services to work and what are the ones of secondary importance. As IT consultant, computer material, internet connection, software, technical books, ..and your brain, are the most important things you need to work. The nice luxurious car you are dreaming of, is not essential. Do only with what you have. Could you imagine being able to work, if you have a car, but no computer, no phone, no internet connection? In my case, and for a lot of people, the answer is no ! And if you do so, as an IT professional, it is obvious that you will not be credible at all, and you will surely miss your goal…because you forgot your goal.

And we are back to the goal. If you create a company, it is not to buy a nice car or the last smart phone, but to create and develop an activity you like to do. Do not make confusions between the constraints and the advantages linked to your project and the final goal. By staying focused on your goal and developing the appropriate strategy, you maximize your chance to reach it and make it sustainable.


Written by Eric Saint-Guillain

November 30, 2009 at 16:20

3 Responses

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  1. oved that post, exactely what I needed !
    Thanks for sharing !!!


    October 31, 2010 at 04:12

  2. i have a dream but i need to apply in pratical way

    ravi chandra

    May 12, 2011 at 08:31

    • A good strategy, perseverence and hard work are the ingredients to reach your goal. And if you succeed, remember the following: “Next time, don’t doubt about yourself.”

      Eric Saint-Guillain

      May 12, 2011 at 19:50

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