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Was it better before ?

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Charlie Chaplin in "Modern Times"Often, we are hearing  people saying it was better before, when they were youngs. Sometime, when we have a look to the world, we could think in such way, when we are looking to the financial crisis, the environmental issues, and many other things.

Was it really better before? Should we go back to the past?

Until the beginning of the 20th century in the Western countries, and still today in some countries over the world, the children were obliged to work, when they were only 12 years old. Some of them never went to school and had no chance to have a long life. The work they had to do was very hard. They were not workers but rather slaves working in very bad conditions. For instance, the hard work in the coal mines cost a lot of people their life. The safety conditions and policies did not exist in this time.

Since that time, a lot of things happened. The technological developments contribute to reduce the hardness of some work. The people works in better conditions. But the technological developments have not only positive, but also negative consequences. For instance, the automotive industry increased her production capacities with less people. Does it mean that finally, the automation and the technologies should be rejected? Do not forget that these last 20 years, the information and communication technologies have expanded on an exponential way, creating new activities and new jobs.

It is obvious that the world is changing a bit more everyday. The difficult time we are facing with the economical crisis, the environmental challenges and the humanitarian questions, represents good opportunities to innovate, to change some models in our economy, in our environment, to move to a better world.  Change is the motor of innovation. With all the progress done everyday in medicine, technologies, it should be possible to live in a world where everybody could live in dignity. All the acquired experiences acquired and the drawn conclusions about the past, the history, should be used to redefine new societal projects. It is just a question to become an actor and not stay as a spectator, to understand that our economy should be in the service of people and not the people in the service of the economy. Financial profit make only cense to ensure the continuity of projects contributing to the development of a sustainable world. Money should be considered as a tool and not as a goal.

How will we move these next years ? Shall we say in few years that it was better before? Wait and see, to see if the people  are able to learn.


Written by Eric Saint-Guillain

October 30, 2009 at 22:55

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