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Private life and professional life, just a question of balance.

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Carlos Rodriguez, trainer at NexP and trainer of Justine Henin.

Carlos Rodriguez, trainer at NexP and trainer of Justine Henin.

Sometimes ago, I was reading in a magazine a paper about personal development, and more precisely about the balance between professional and private life.

Two of the contributors to this paper, Carlos Rodriguez, trainer of the tennis woman Justine Henin, and Valérie Spaey, partner of NexP*, explain that we have our private and professional life, but we often forget the third one: our personal life. Our personal life is in fact a balance of our private and professional life. In order to find this balance, we need first to know ourselves and to define objectives. By reading this, I was thinking that often, I heard people considering work as a constraint, an obligation, and do not understand people who can work during hours everyday.

In fact there is no unique life style or model. Some of us like to work, do not feel the work as a constraint, but as a rewarding thing, an activity contributing to the personal development. It could be exciting if you choose and have the chance to do the work you like to do. Other people will put priorities in a hobby, a sport, will spend more time with their family, which is a very laudable choice too.

When I started to work as a freelancer, some of my friends told me I will have to work much more, and saw that as a negative point. Personally, I do not see that as a negative point. The choice I did is mine and not the one of somebody else. This choice is the result of a long reflection process. I have to perform a range of activities, training, financial or administrative, but what I can learn from this could be performed in another context, another area. For instance, to maintain such a blog takes time. I consider it as a professional activity as this blog is more or less related to the professional area. But it takes me the opportunity to write, to improve the writing style, to talk in another language than mine, to develop ideas and reflections, to communicate with other people, to get some feedback from them and to move forward the reflection to the subjects I handle.  The point is that I could do this activity in another context. I could start a blog for a non-profit organization, or maybe write a book, a roman. This means that finally, I do not really consider this as a professional activity and as a constraint, because I simply like to do this.

The most important think is to have goals and objectives, and to build your live to reach these goals. This goal can be your work, your family, the sport you like, a travel you want to do, whatever. All what you will do to achieve your goal is an opportunity to learn, to experience, to move things forward. Finally, the fact that it is part of your professional or private life is not important. It is a part of your personal life, which needs to be feed by dreams, by exciting moments. It is also a good way to increase our competences and capabilities, to discover and to develop some talent we were ignoring until now. It is finally to conquer our freedom.

Our personal life is just a matter of balance.



Written by Eric Saint-Guillain

September 28, 2009 at 21:29

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