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486053407_080886b0caFew months ago, I was hearing a leader from a politician party saying that the companies have to ensure the jobs security. I was a little bit amazing by this comment, and wondering if we were right now in the twenty first century. To ensure job security means that economical crisis should not exist.

This comment aside, is the job security still existing?

In the beginning of the nineties, when I started to work, it was conceivable to make your career in the same company. I remember at that time, I was working for a Japanese computer company. This company created his own subsidiary in Belgium and we were around fifty employees. The ambition of the management was to increase the market shares, and to get three hundred employees in the three years. Two years later, the first gulf war started with negative consequences on the economical sphere, and there was a price war on the laptop market. These two components made that the company suppressed fifty percent of the jobs.

I remember to see many friends of my parents, who lost their job, after a whole career in the same company. These men and women who had all to be happy, were jobless the day after, having thin chances to find another job due to their age. It was clear in my mind that something was happening, that something was changing.

I contacted at that time some temp agencies, and finally had few months later a first temp contract. This new assignment was the opportunity to see something new, to learn, to acquire more experience. By noticing this, I was thinking that maybe job security could be …a danger.

Today, I think we should not talk about the job security which seems a bit utopian view, but we should talk about employability security. The only way to ensure your employability is to gain in competences and experiences on an ongoing way. By gaining competences thru experience and training programs, you maximize your chance to find new opportunities. Each competence you can show is an asset to face new challenges. If on the other way, you are staying at the same job level during many years without acquiring new competences, you could face serious problems to find other opportunities, because companies could find younger people than you to do a job, and for a lower salary. You probably had a job security during few years, but after ?

The companies could find several advantages to develop training program in order to ensure professional development of the employees. By implementing such policies, they could help each employee to gain in productivity, to increase the work quality, but also increase the qualification level of the employee. This last point is clearly a benefit to ensure companies to develop their projects, to develop a sustainable economy. The lack of competences in a country or a location can cause delocalization of economical activities.

As most of you know, to manage is to forecast. The job you are doing today will condition your job of tomorrow. By increasing your capabilities and your competences, you are developing your employability, en ensuring your chance to face new challenges. It is only in these conditions we could still talk about…job security.


Written by Eric Saint-Guillain

September 12, 2009 at 19:42

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