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screenshotCAKXMW0CAs many of you, I decided to launch a blog. This is the result of a long thinking process, and after reading articles and books about the subject.
To build and maintain a blog is an investment in time, and very often, some blogs are let without activities after few months or few weeks.
One factor of motivation is to exchange and share ideas, reflections, with other people. This could happen not only by publishing postings on a regular basis, but also by proposing interesting subjects, with an original treatment and a good quality level of style. These are the components to give rise to interesting comment and reactions, to develop interactivity with people.
The purpose of this blog is to share discussions about subjects related to our professional and personal life, both of then are related. We are living difficult but interesting time, which should motivate us to bring new ideas, new solutions, in areas like personal development, sustainable development, economy, social media, to develop creativity. Creativity is defined as not only create new things, but also to think about things on another way.
This is the challenge I would like to share with you.

See you to the next posting.



Written by Eric Saint-Guillain

August 26, 2009 at 19:43

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